Cultivator Evaluation – Cornish Underground / Brendan McGreal

Many thanks go to Cultivator for this unique way to encourage development, growth, insight and a credible market platform for my business.

My CIG grant has allowed me to develop and market my business with a much more specific USP and reaching a select audience, alongside my existing market. By allowing me to market a specialist area, I can focus attention to an area of my work closer to my personal career aims and goals. Cultivator have allowed this process, by creating the financial assistance to develop and showcase my marketing material on a credible website and video platform. With good SEO, travel and a delegate pass to dedicated marketing opportunity WOMEX, I can now look towards increasing my business network and turnover based on reputation and a specialist skill.

I can expect growth in my business in the way of having more work requests through the website and being able to branch out with work outside of Cornwall. Better knowledge and website access for my clients to my acclaimed work and CV, alongside better business relationships with current local and international bands. It is positive to be able to help Cornish music have a voice outside of Cornwall and to bring some quality musicians into Cornwall from around the world for collaborations.

Another thing of merit was the insight and guidance via Rose Goodship, by looking at my existing business in the way of a new business plan, aims and objectives. Rose helped me evaluate what my business’ skills are, its needs, where I would like to take things professionally, who and what my market is and what I can offer to it, as well as my longer term aims for growth, overall value of service and future financial expectancies.

What Cultivator has helped to create, is a credible market platform, showing who I am, what I’ve done, what I can do and what my vision is. This is accessible to all of my clients old and new, helping people see what work I have done, what I am capable of and what I am currently advocating. This is very handy to let people know what to expect from my service and offers me in the best possible light for customers.

The trip to WOMEX this year, with website launched will give me the best opportunity to filter work back into my business. A handful of marketing gimmicks will be applied at WOMEX to gather as much interest as possible and to encourage secondary and continued communication with contacts. Developing worldwide networks is massively important for me for this venture and I am currently studying good ways to attract business from this fantastic networking opportunity. Rose and Cultivator have been helpful by offering links to a handful of great YouTube clips and potentially a workshop on networking aided by Cultivator.

I would wish to take this opportunity to thank all at Cultivator and sponsors for allowing me this grant. It really has been beneficial in helping me direct my business towards a new personal goal and a healthy step on my desired career path.

Brendan McGreal (Cornish Underground)