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Cornish Underground: The Home of Cornish Music

Cornish Underground is a sound and music production company run by the experienced and renowned engineer Brendan McGreal

Cornish Underground is the trading name for the sound and music production company run by Brendan McGreal. Consisting of various strands including Freelance Sound Engineering, Studio Recording, Music Production, Live Sound and PA Hire. Both the live sound and studio recording work hand in hand as multi-track recordings of live events are available, editable in post production at either Cornish Underground, or Cube Recording. Alongside this, full studio recordings are available at both studios. Over the years I have accumulated a good collection of high quality studio mic’s both new and vintage and have a formidable array of small to large sound systems.

I have worked extensively with the Cornish music scene over the last 20 yrs taking in many of the bands within and those who tour outside of Cornwall. I have also established myself at events on the Isles of Scilly and events in Wales, Lincolnshire and Dorset.

Cornish Underground is a company gaining recognition and growing exponentially, from humble beginnings, now reaching audiences on main stages at popular music festivals across Britain and beyond. As a musician myself, I understand what musicians need and can accommodate intuitively for this. Although we are a long way out on the peninsula of Cornwall, we still have an amazing collection of creative talent and bands worthy of touring the UK and I feel part of my job is to help emerging talent get heard.

Cornish Underground can provide PA Systems and crew for live events large and small. Our small systems useful for up to 120 people and also our large systems for audiences of up to 700 people. Please contact us and chat with Brendan about any of your specific live sound or recording needs.

Cornish Underground Live Music by Brendan McGreal

Brendan McGreal Sound Engineer Cornwall
Record producing by Cornish Underground
Festival Sound from Cornish Underground
Cornish Underground live sound for TwoManTing

Always a pleasure to work with Brendan – friendly and highly professional. I always know we’re guaranteed a great sound