Cornish Underground’s 9th Birthday!

I’m glad to say that Cornish Underground has made another rotation around the sun, making it 9 years of age, so Happy Birthday Cornish Underground!

This birthday comes at the very tail end of nearly a years worth of hard work securing a new website, marketing video’s, merchandise and the piece de resistance a subsidised trip to WOMEX to expand my network with worldwide music industry professionals. On the back of a last minute trip to the expo in 2016, just for the music and not for the networking, I saw the huge opportunity awaiting for going as a delegate. As soon as we were back from Santiago de Compostella we hatched plans to go again the following year armed with quality marketing material, website, video’s, give-aways to help the market awareness of my company. It transpired that we didn’t go the next year, as material was not ready by then, though sought business grant funding through Cultivator to go this year in 2018. All and every part of my alliance with Cultivator proved to be wonderful for my business. From talking through the business plan with Rose Goodship, looking at where my company is currently, it’s strengths and weakness’, how to aim for my personal goals and improve the reach of my business. Import and export workshops, which helped me know how to market my skills to a desired audience, finding my export market and thinking about ways to get music into Cornwall to work with me and benefit the local scene. It also allowed me the chance to play on my USP and market video material to direct traffic through me to the Cube Recording and to celebrate and encourage my style of work in a more World Music genre. 3 magnificent video’s by John Gray and a handful by young film maker Dan Philbrooks all pointed the viewing public to my fantastic new and snazzy website created by Todd Barden of T2Designs. Plus my most recent visit as a delegate to WOMEX in Gran Canaria, all of this being made possible by my successful Cultivator investment grant. I am totally happy with all of my material and found it a real advantage to have such great places to direct potential customers and fellow professionals to seek what my work has led me towards. Networking at WOMEX was both a pleasure and I am hoping successful, as communications regarding my company, Cornish music, import and export of music, recording and live sound opportunities were well received. I felt that we did well to listen to others as well as offer up our proposals and gather contact details from those we met. Networking for us was aided by give away merchandise like clotted cream fudge, wind up torches, mouse matt’s, all with logo’s and contact details, distributed rather successfully by our almost famous ‘blue bucket’, which caused some press interest! Being at this time of the year, having also had a busy and successful summer of festivals and much work also earlier in the spring, means that this great marketing material bodes much confidence and offers comfort to my companies future. As the slow drip of work and contacts come in from this gathered works, Cornish Underground can plan ahead toward it’s aims and objectives.
Venues such as the Melting Pot Cafe and the Old Bakery Studios are currently hotting up as I start booking bands and doing sound for the Melting Pot from now until May time. This offers me work in the quieter times of the year, also allowing less double booking between venues, as I can book around dates that work best for both. The Melting Pot has been a long-stay of mine and has provided a regular and welcome winter income. The Old Bakery is really ramping up its efforts currently with over 7 gigs there this November with me and my gear being used for their live sound and events. With better known artists and bands playing the OBS, I am encouraged to be working at the venue in the capacity of house sound engineer.
Recording at the Cube Recording is starting to build, thanks to the recent marketing splurge, with a good handful of bands seeking dates to record with me. My home studio is also picking up a good amount of work, though it is being progressively more useful for me to push work towards the Cube, for the sake of the better recording space and the higher quality results available. The more work I get to the Cube, the better my position will be alongside professionals there and is in line with my projected career goals.
Highlights of this year have been the wonderful, mountainous and musical Fire in the Mountain festival, with the Cornish Underground crew nailing it yet again, the astoundingly beautiful Scilly Folk Festival, with two, yes TWO of the bands using the live footage to go towards full live albums. Another Rough Island Band Scilly visit was most welcome, with some exceptional summery sunny weather shining on us, which was pretty much on tap all summer! Recent recordings by an exceptional young violin prodigy in Penzance, with more to follow. Live gigs by Daytoner at the OBS and Damien O’Kane & Ron Block, who’s engineer I studied with many years ago, now working with Kate Rusby (there’s room to dream!). Tropical Pressure, with Gasper Nali in the amphitheatre a couple of weeks after the festival, soothing the soul and of course the recent WOMEX visit and the accumulative affect of such positive networking.
For the future…? We are aiming to nestle into our winters run of gigs, slowly but surely rake in contacts from our WOMEX experience and from the drip fed FB ads, have some bouncing and kicking gigs in Cornish venues over the winter and to meet and share experiences with more of you guys, bands and venues to make a ripping Cornish scene! It’s gonna get sweaty!!
We here at Cornish Underground would like to wish you all a pleasant Allantide and that you enjoy a few cosy Cornish events, or recordings during the winter with us. My thanks also go to Cornish Underground crew Cj Gadget, Josh Marks, Flip Wilkes, Rash Garner and Ebby Tremain for all of their amazing help to make Cornish Music Happen! All the best to you!
Oll an gwella!
Brendan McGreal (Cornish Underground) 2018