Cornish Underground provides professional quality sound equipment, engineers and stage-hands for all live events

Cornish Underground is a sound and music production company run by the experienced and renowned engineer Brendan McGreal. Under the company banner, Brendan offers high quality studio production alongside live sound and equipment hire. Brendan’s background in Cornish Celtic roots music lends itself to a cultural understanding of other world music. Having spent nearly 2 decades supporting Cornwall’s cultural resurgence, Brendan has also had great success at festivals outside Cornwall offering a world music palette. Working at key recording studio’s in Cornwall, he can offer the complete recording and live sound package.

Why Cornish Underground:

  • Guaranteed high quality of service
  • Lift your professional network by linking into Cornish Underground and Cube Recording
  • Highest level of equipment
  • Knowledge of music, sound and the music industry
  • Import and Export of music to / from Cornwall to the rest of the world
  • Relaxed and efficient studio environment
  • Known USP as an industry professional
Professional Sound from Cornish Underground

Cornish Underground: The Home of Cornish Music Making Music Happen A World of Music Cornish/Celtic/Roots Music


Sound Engineering, Studio Recording, Music Production, Live Sound and PA Hire


Cornish Underground wishes to give Cornish music a gateway to the world


High quality studio production alongside live sound and equipment hire

High Quality Studio


…they have produced impeccable sound regardless of what we throw at them and are now a trusted part of our festival team, they are totally self sufficient and trouble free to work with.

Always a pleasure to work with Brendan – friendly and highly professional. I always know we’re guaranteed a great sound.

Brendan McGreal provided the sound equipment and engineered my show at the Scilly Folk Festival. Excellent equipment and superb sound engineering. I’d recommend him to anyone.

We often call on Brendan to do front of house sound for us, he is always quick but thorough in change-over / sound checks. He’s attentive on monitor sounds which are top notch. We always get comments about how great the sound is out front. Above all, he’s a really nice fella to be hanging out with.

Highly, highly recommend this!!!!! A brilliant, relaxed day with an awesome sounding EP at the end. Great work Brendan McGreal.

Couldn’t be happier with the recording. The sound quality was way better than I was expecting for a demo recording and the work Brendan puts in is amazing. Had a great time!!